Adorable dogs in need of our help

We do not have our own kennels and so we are limited in the number of dogs that we can help but we will go out of our way when dogs from our area are in need. This month was a busy one for us. We paid vet costs for several dogs whose owners were struggling to cope and we also and we stepped in to take into our care several dogs in desperate situations.


When we can we will work with owners to support them in keeping a dog if they can provide a good home once they get over a bump in the road. Buddy for example is a 14 year old Bichon Frise we are assisting with after a visit from a local RSPCA Inspector. He is very much loved but unfortunately his owner had suffered some ill health which has affected their eyesight meaning they were not able to keep on top of Buddy’s needs. We assisted with transport to the vets and getting him signed up to the PDSA for his ongoing care.  He has also benefited from a free groom.  We are still working closely with his owner to secure his ongoing care but just look at him now, I’m sure he feels much more comfortable.


Grogu, a young Lurcher was found with a very badly broken foot and we think could have been run over. All of his toes were broken and he had to undergo complicated surgery to pin the fractures. He was facing a long period of cage rest in kennels while he recovered. This really wouldn’t have been good for this lively and affectionate young dog and so we were relieved to find the perfect foster home for him. You can see that he really appreciates our efforts. We think we have a home lined up for this gorgeous lad.


This month we also took on Milo, a 9 year old Jack Russell who as you can see needs lots of TLC before he is ready for a new home.