The Branch supports our local RSPCA Inspectors by paying veterinary and rehoming costs for mistreated and abandoned animals. Each year we help at least 200 of the most needy cats, rabbits and dogs into new homes. We do not have our own rehoming centre but work in partnership with other RSPCA Branches including Canterbury and District, Ashford and Hastings Branches. We prioritise the most needy animals which are rescued by the Inspectors but are sometimes able to take animals from the public.


You may have seen the sad case last New Year’s Eve of the 10 rabbits crammed in boxes without any food or water and dumped on Sandringham Drive, Dartford. Despite an investigation by the local Inspector, we could not trace the person who had abandoned these poor rabbits. 

We are pleased to be able to tell you that we found great new homes for all of these bunnies. Here are Eric and Ernie, two young brothers from the Dartford 10, whose lives we were able to turn around. 

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