We had to step in and rescue a number of abandoned cats in October and here are pictures of just a few. Some have been left behind when people moved house and some appear to have been deliberately abandoned. We always work with the local RSPCA Inspectors to investigate abandonments. Once cat microchipping become compulsory in 2024, our job will become a bit easier in this respect.
Some of these cats arrived at a place of safety such as a vets but sometimes were left in very obscure places like in a carrier in a wooded area of a park, as in the case of Pumpkin and Spice. This must have been very distressing for them! They had no access to water and would soon have perished if they hadn’t been found by a caring member of the public. Indeed, they seem to have waited a long time for anyone to notice them as their carrier was full of faeces and urine.  These beautiful cats have not taken this cruel treatment to heart and still love the company of humans and are very trusting.  They are also totally bonded to one another and can’t bear to parted.
Thanks to our friends at Swanscombe vets and https://rspca-canterbury.org.uk/ they are now safe and warm and looking forward to finding their forever family.
We urge anyone who finds themselves in a position where they cannot keep their animals to start making plans as soon as possible.  Many centres have long waiting lists and need to know about your change of circumstances as soon as possible to give them a chance to secure a space for your pet.  You can always contact our branch who will endeavour to help however we can and there are many other animal rescue organisations who similarly take in pets.
Our priority is, where possible, to keep pets with their families. We help with financial obstacles by supporting with vet bills and feeding costs where owners are in receipt of benefit. It is important to remember that abandoning your pets is an offence and help is available.