These two friendly cats were abandoned together in a small pet carrier on a path in a country park in Swanscombe. Judging by the urine and faeces in the carrier, we think that they had been there for quite sometime. A kind member of the public found them and took them to a vet who contacted us. We were happy to step in and pay for their treatment and rehoming. Despite their terrible ordeal they are such friendly cats! Pumpkin is the ginger male and spice is the tabby female. They are devoted to each other so we decided to rehome them together. You can read their story here Kent Messenger

Our friends at Canterbury and District Animal Centre found a great home for them and less than a month after their abandonment they went off to their new home.

It is a criminal offence to abandon a pet and these animals could have met an awful fate. They were not microchipped and the RSPCA were unable to trace an owner. From 10th June 2024 it will become a legal requirement for owners to have their cats microchipped. We welcome this as it should help to reunite owners with lost cats and reduce abandonments. If you live in our area (all DA postcodes and BR 8 postcodes) then we can microchip your cat. Contact

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