A plucky cat who was impaled by a metal spike after falling into a mill cellar is making a miracle recovery despite losing a leg.

Thanks to the work of the RSPCA, Kitty survived her ordeal trapped for several weeks in the dank basement of industrial premises at Grimshaw Street in Clayton Le Moors near Accrington, during which time she suffered a serious injury when the spike penetrated one of her hind legs.

She has now been adopted by relatives of her late owner and is padding around on three paws in her new home in Cheshire none the worse for the surgery – which sadly resulted in her having to have her leg amputated.

The cat had gone missing from her Lancashire home, close to where she was found, after her owner’s passing last month.

Trapped in the cellar the eight-year old feline kept herself alive by drinking rain water and eating food debris.

Her lonely miaows were finally heard by a workman and the RSPCA was contacted on May 13.

RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Kelly Nix managed to reach Kitty using a ladder to climb 20 feet down into the cellar and found her running around in the gloom.

Her bone was left broken and exposed by the entanglement with the spike and she was taken to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, where she underwent surgery to have the object removed (see picture below), although the injury to her leg was so serious that an amputation had to be carried out.

Yet despite her handicap she is reported to be making great strides in her new surroundings after being taken in by her late owner’s son, Simon Cunningham (who she is pictured with).

“My mother passed away five weeks ago and Kitty vanished some time after while we were moving things out of her property. We thought she was lost, but we are so grateful to the RSPCA for the crucial role they played in getting her back,” said Simon, who lives near Crewe.

While Kitty was not microchipped, the RSPCA was able to track down Simon after the cat matched the description of a missing report made to a local vets practice.

“When I found her, she was running around with no way out. My guess is she’d been down there for quite a while,” said the animal rescue officer.

“When she was x-rayed at the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital they could see foreign objects in her stomach, including chicken wing bones she’d eaten.

“There was a lot of rain water down at the bottom of the cellar and she was drinking that and I think that has kept her alive.

“But the spike had gone through her leg and sadly it had to be amputated.”

New owner Simon added: “It’s been quite emotional as Kitty was my mother’s cat. She¿s doing really well now considering what she has been through.

“She’s putting on weight, we’ve taken her to the vets for a check-up and we¿ve also had her microchipped.”

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