March 2023 was momentous as it saw the rehoming of Chickpea who was the 50th rabbit that our Branch has rehomed since we started just under a year ago!

Sadly thousands of rabbits, acquired as lockdown pets, have been abandoned or neglected. So in early 2022 we located a private boarding establishment with excellent experience of caring for rescue rabbits and started what has proved to be a very fruitful working relationship with Paws By The Coast. Once we started we found that the flood gates opened. We never would have anticipated needing to rescue fifty rabbits in the next year! All of these rabbits were neutered and microchipped and most of them have gone to lovely new homes. Demand is still high and we are carrying on with this new area of work for the foreseeable future. We have even been able to assist a couple of our local rescues such as Spirits Rest and New Hope by taking rabbits for them. Here are some of our lovely bunnies that we have been proud to help.