The RSPCA rescued 47 giant rabbits found crammed into tiny cages at an illegal breeding farm. The animals were being fattened up so they could be slaughtered and their meat sold on the black market. A member of the public raised the alarm after seeing them covered in dirt and struggling to hop around tiny filthy hutches at an allotment.

RSCPA inspector Trevor Walker, who rescued the animals said:

“These poor rabbits were living in cramped and dirty conditions which would have been very unpleasant for them especially in the heat. We found hutches covered in filth and bursting with giant animals where they had been left to breed with each other. All but one of the rabbits recovered and we stepped in to help.

Meet Maddie & Marilyn!

Most of the rabbits from this case have been homed now but we still have mother & daughter, Maddie and Marilyn who are devoted to each other. They are still waiting for the perfect home a year later! Find out about rehoming them!