On the 16th of January a mother cat and her kitten were abandoned in a taped up dog food box in Eynsford Road, Farningham near Swanley. The four-month-old kitten had worms, an infected wound and was also confirmed as being underweight. RSPCA inspector Kirsten Ormerod, says the pair were found “crying” following the “cruel” act. She explained: “We’re very grateful to the person who found these poor cats for taking them straight to the vets. We were asked to step in a assist with the costs needed to get mum and kitten fit and healthy so they could be rehomed. We named them Morticia and Wednesday and despite their ordeal they were very friendly cats. Morticia needed an operation for a hernia and the young Wednesday was under veterinary care for an infected wound. Both were seriously underweight. Our friends at Canterbury and District animal centre helped us to find a new home for them and off they went together on the 29th March. Despite investigations we never did establish who had taped the cats into the dog food box and abandoned them. We are so grateful to the member of the public who heard them crying and took them to Mead vets.