We want to take a moment to shine a light on one of the volunteers for the national RSPCA who is now really making a difference to our local Branch. Russell is an Animal Rescue Volunteer, or ARV and helps the RSPCA Inspectors but we have been very grateful to have his help too. Russell recently helped us with two multi animal households.  Happy to be on the road, he delivered cats back home to Erith from the Shrubbery Vets in Northfleet after we had them neutered on behalf of the owner.  He also helped us with another home where the owner had 4 cats that she had to rehome in an emergency due to the ill health of her children.  Russell stepped in again, taking them, over various journeys, from Belvedere all the way to Hersden just outside Canterbury.  It’s not just cats though! Russell has delivered quite a few of our bunnies to their new homes too. This has enabled us to rehome out of our area when the circumstances are right for our rabbits.

We are so grateful to Russell for always being there for animals.  If you live within the DA postcode area, have a vehicle, enjoy a little run out and think you may be interested in volunteering.  Please contact Emma on emma.byrne@rspca-kentnorthwest.org.uk or 07709 209310